Parkour Gymnastics

Parkour Gymnastics is the discipline or sport of running through an area using acrobatic techniques to negotiate obstacles quickly and efficiently. The word parkour is an alteration of the french word parcours which means route or course.

Freerunning is the sport of using creative movements such as flips or twists while moving through all kinds of environments. Using your surroundings to your advantage to move and create flow with your body.

Parkour Gymnastics has been referred to as an alternate fitness concept which presents a different way to stay fit other than going to the gym. While improving personal fitness parkour gymnastics also improves coordination. By training the basics, running, jumping, and moving on all fours, overcoming obstacles that may have seemed too challenging before, are now possible.

Parkour 1

Intro parkour classes, open to all athletes.  Focusing on fun, running, jumping, landing, rolling and vaulting.  This group will also explore what it is like to be upside down and introduce flipping rotations.  Perfect for those new to the sport!

Prerequisite – None, come jump and see what it’s all about!


Parkour 2

This group will expand on previous parkour knowledge, taking the running, jumping, landing, rolling and vaulting and adding more complex motions and introducing flips and rotations.  Also introduced in Parkour 2 is alternate surfaces (such as wood and concrete) and how they interact with their landings.

Prerequisite – 1 year (3 sessions) of Parkour 1 and/or knowledge of parkour roll, precision jump, side over vault, step vault, turn vault, strides & plyometric jumps, snowball (on trampoline), lache swing, underbar, wall run & pop and cat leap.


Parkour 3

Are you landing all of your basic tricks and looking to take things to the next level?  In this group we will work on expanding your skills and adding in extra rotations and more complex environments as well as multiple movement directions and forces.

Prerequisite – 1 year (3 sessions) in Parkour 2 and/or knowledge of kong vault, reverse vault, thief vault, dash vault, dive roll, backwards roll, cartwheel, dyno, back flip, front flip, side flit, wall spin, 180 re-grip, reverse underbar, speed vault and tic tac.


Parkour Workout Day

This is for Parkour 2 & 3 athletes that would like to get their body stronger in order to accomplish their goals.  Parkour workouts are specific to the skills taught and learned in class.