Mommy & Me

Mommy & Me classes are designed to support the rapid growth and development of your infant while allowing you to get out and interact with other moms.

This 30min class is instructor led for children of 4mo of age – walking; allowing for a smooth transition into the Parent & Tot classes.

Mommy & Me class is a safe and controlled environment for learning, growing and exploring.

Developmental areas supported are;

  • Physical and gross motor skills such as: rolling, reaching for and grabbing objects, sitting, crawling and walking.
  • Social and emotional skills such as: smiling, recognizing new faces, or playing with favourite toys and people.
  • Cognitive and communication skills such as: responding to conversation by making sounds, curiosity of new people or objects and beginning to follow simple 1 step directions.

Classes will consist of songs, actions, games, toys and simple stations.

Meet our coach, Taelor Jensen and her daughter Tenley…Taelor & Tenley