Cross Training & Acro Training

Are you a dancer looking to improve acrobatic and tumbling skills? Flexibility for dancers and figure skaters? Strength and agility for hockey + soccer players? Power and jump for volleyball and basketball? Or looking to develop turns & air awareness for skiing + snowboarding/wake-boarding?

Key City’s Cross Training & Acro Training program is designed for athletes who have passion for another sport or activity and want to make improvements – especially when it comes to flexibility, body control and air awareness.

Key City Gymnastics Coaches have trained many divers, dancers, skiers, hockey players, volleyball, soccer, and figure skating athletes. Handstands, flexibility, and the use of trampoline will all help attain the strength and balance needed to excel in any sport. This 1.5 hour class will run consecutively with the Senior Trampoline & Tumbling Class which emphasizes on trampoline and tumbling skills.