Gym Rascals (Active Start)

As children move into the “I can do it by myself” years, experiencing classes on their own will leave them with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Gymnastics is the ideal Active Start activity. Gymnastics Canada is one of only a few national sport organizations with specialized programming for this age group. All preschool-aged children will benefit from the opportunity in participating in a gymnastics program.

What qualities will be developed in Active Start gymnastics programs?

  • Fundamental Movement Patterns
  • Gross motor skills (e.g. running, jumping, climbing, rolling, twisting, kicking, throwing, catching)
  • Motor qualities of agility, balance and coordination
  • Physical qualities such as strength and flexibility
  • Cognitive development stages in laterality, patterning, directionality, space and body awareness, communication and problem-solving
  • Creative movement and make-believe
  • Exposure to music and dance activities
  • Participants learn to explore space in a safe manner, learning to control their own movement in relation to equipment and others.
  • Group social skills are developed as a basis for future sport ethics
  • Psycho/socio development – desire to be active, self-confidence to try, self-expression and group social skills such as cooperation

Classes for preschoolers use a structured class format that include a musical warm-up; floor, vault and bar circuits; tumble trak; trampoline.

Every two weeks we will introduce a new class theme and gym set up. The new gym set up will introduce new skills, as well as opportunities to review what has been learned in previous classes.

Our goal is to teach children safe gymnastics by using a series of progressions. The gym set up may be similar for each class, but the skill(s) taught at the circuit stations will change and become more challenging as the children get older and gain more experience.

At the end of class every child is rewarded with a coloring sheet, sticker and a hand stamp!