2017-2018 Information & Registration Forms

All competitive registration is done in the office.

You may print and fill out the applicable forms and bring them into the office, or we have copies there also.

Post-dated cheques or a credit card authorization form must be left before registration is complete.

Forms with * below are ones that will need to be filled out, the remainder are for information only.

Please be sure to read through the Policy & Procedures as this is an updated version

and there may be changes that affect you.


Competitive Schedule

*GBC Insurance Form

Fee Schedule – Super Stars, Interclub, Performance Plus & High School

Fee Schedule – Junior Olympic 1-4

Fee Schedule – Junior Olympic Level 5-9

Family Commitment Explanation 2017-18

*Family Commitment Agreement 2017-18

*2017-2018 Bodysuit Info & Order Form

Bodysuit Measurement Guide

Holiday Training

Day by Day Training Explanation (Junior Olympic)

Competitive Artistic Gymnastics Policy & Procedures – PLEASE READ